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A slow-paced adventure game where you follow a mysterious Halloween invitation into the monster-filled night. The instructions say knock, ask, trick and take. What could possibly go wrong?

All original content
Mysterious atmosphere and story
No jump-scares

Color Vision: Optional
Hearing: Optional
Quick Reactions: Optional
Reading: Required
Input (Fixed): Keyboard, keyboard&mouse or 2-analog-stick controller

System and License Requirements


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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My only criticisms are that there aren't enough non-generic interaction messages, for example when using a broom on a dusty shelf (make the shelf no longer dusty, maybe?) and that it's often not clear how a problem is supposed to be solved, relying on the player happening upon something strewn about. Other than that, I like the atmosphere, the sound work, and the consistent art style. The animations are sometimes a little lacking, such as the jumping dog (too robotic) but are usually fine. Nice little game.

Hi! This looks like a beautiful game, but unfortunately it runs too large for my monitor, so I can't see everything. Are there any fixes for the itch download? Thanks!

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i liked this a lot! lovely spooky atmosphere without being Scary. the glowing eyes are a great touch. this is the exact kind of thing i'd hope for in a halloween game.

This game is awesome! I'm looking very much forward to the steam release!


Really cool game!

At least you are up front about the negatives in the game.

Some items: I'm seeing serious tearing. Not sure why, but regardless, maybe an option to turn on vsync would be nice.

Also, some of us (me, anyways), really like to invert our Y-axis on the look controls. (mouselook would be nice, too).

Otherwise it's very cool visually and atmospherically.

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