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Hi! This looks like a beautiful game, but unfortunately it runs too large for my monitor, so I can't see everything. Are there any fixes for the itch download? Thanks!

sorry for the late reply. in this case please try one of the other "start" files. window mode should work for sure. you could also set s specific resolution/size by editing the start files.

i liked this a lot! lovely spooky atmosphere without being Scary. the glowing eyes are a great touch. this is the exact kind of thing i'd hope for in a halloween game.

This game is awesome! I'm looking very much forward to the steam release!


Really cool game!

At least you are up front about the negatives in the game.

Some items: I'm seeing serious tearing. Not sure why, but regardless, maybe an option to turn on vsync would be nice.

Also, some of us (me, anyways), really like to invert our Y-axis on the look controls. (mouselook would be nice, too).

Otherwise it's very cool visually and atmospherically.

thank you! imma look into that.