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One way to look at reality, in puzzle form. You play as you playing as you to find out why. This creates a unique brain-teasing challenge as the layers stack up. I think you'll like the ending if you can find it.

All original content
Adaptive background music
Surprise feature

Color Vision: Optional
Hearing: Optional
Quick Reactions: Optional
Reading: Optional
Input (Fixed): Keyboard or d-pad controller

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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One of the most brilliant concept I ever play

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the ending gave me a chuckle


Really liked the game! The graphics are cool , they remind me of Yume Nikki games and similars, and the music also. The only thing that I didn't like is that the key for the last character is difficult to recognise and it took me some time to realize it wasn't some text spelling "no".

Anyways good game!


I registered just to say how great this was! Thank you for a brilliant short game with a cool concept.


Fun game! It gets frustration as a game mechanic *just right*. Its doesnt go too far with the idea to the point where i'd give up, and the ending is satisfying!

A shortish fun experiment on recursively indirectly controlling a character. It's interesting to see how much planning you have to do just to get a guy to walk across the room.



I very mutch liked the game but the final peice not being pressing the button like everything before made me not want to play anymore.


Thats soooooooo weird but sooooooo nice and soooooo long !


I spent about an hour only to see that ending is a system error. Nice


i pushed the last button but obviously thats not what you do so i just gave up lmao
otherwise very cool idea tho

The key is key... ;)